Intro to Homeowners Insurance (HOI)

What is HOI?

HOI stands for Homeowners Insurance, and it is required for all borrowers getting a mortgage. HOI policies protect you and your lender against specific perils (for example fires or tornados) to your home so that you and the lender can recoup the value shared in it. This section will teach you about HOI and what your next steps are. If you’d like to explore more about what HOI is, check out our HOI Deep Dive Article!

In the articles below, you’ll find breakdowns of how to select and finalize your HOI policy, why we need the documents that we ask for, and common issues you may run into when submitting policies to us.

Homeowners Insurance (HOI) Deep

Selecting an HOI Provider

Standard Docs needed for HOI

HOI Documents Needed for Condominiums

Flood Insurance

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